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Dressing for the weather game

Dressing for the weather game

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Be the first person to collect clothes and dress for the weather in this fun card game

Dressing for the weather is a fun card game that encourages children to consider how to best dress for the weather.

Using Widgit supported symbol language children are able to familiarise themselves with different clothing items and are encouraged to consider the weather in order to make the right choices.

  • 35 cards
  • 3 ways to play
  • suitable for ages 3+
  • great for SEN students
  • teaches key life skills
  • an official licensed Widgit product

Full rules are included in the pack cards.

Cards measure 12cm x 7cm 

"There are not many toys/games out there that I can teach kids on this specific subject matter - what to wear according to the weather. I used this card game in my classes and kids loved it."

All proceeds from your purchases in our shop will be used to support our work, helping us connect people of all ages and abilities with natural places and spaces.
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