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Let nature feed your senses

Let nature feed your senses

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This book provides a sense of what happened on a Let Nature Feed Your Senses farm visit, the sensory-rich approach, the hands-on activities, and the achievements, transformations and changes that took place.

This book explores the needs of the different visitors and how connections can be made between people’s everyday lives and the wider environment while ensuring that positive, memorable experiences be made available and accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Around eighty locations hosted hundreds of visits for thousands of people who haven’t previously had the opportunity to explore the English countryside in this way. Nostrils were stung by farmyard smells, taste buds were tempted by homemade delights, ears opened to the sounds of the countryside, eyes focused on the big picture and the small details, and fingers explored how food, farming and nature feel.

All proceeds from your purchases in our shop will be used to support our work, helping us connect people of all ages and abilities with natural places and spaces.

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