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Sensory Trail Marker Kit

Sensory Trail Marker Kit

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Everything you need to create your very own Sensory Trail all in one box!

Sensory Trail Markers are a simple, low cost solution to creating sensory trails around gardens, woodlands, school grounds and many more places. They help highlight nature based sensory stimulus and take you on a fun journey of discovery.

This ready to go kit contains all you will need to create your own sensory trail including 40 markers, it is flexible to be used in any space and all markers are reusable so that you can change and adapt to the seasons should you wish.

The kits contains; 

Instruction booklet  which includes a step by step guide to creating your sensory trail as well as case studies and access guidance.

40  x 76 mm round discs with pre-drilled holes depicting 9 different designs including;

  • 5 smell
  • 6 see
  • 6  touch
  • 3  taste
  • 5  listen
  • 3  bugs and mini-beasts
  • 3  flowers
  • 3  leaves
  • 6  directional arrows

You will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to create your own sensory trail in practically any outdoor space.

Find out more about how Trail Markers can be used to design an accessible sensory garden

Download a free sample of the information booklet (pdf)

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